Romeodawg R U serious? Posted on Mon Dec 18, Created by the Community, for the Community. Apr 29, Location: As has become the custom here, I refer all X10 enthusiasts to this thread: I decided that trying to get Insteon to work was a waste of time.

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Indigo Domotics • View topic – Connection failed installing U controller

I’m considering the following set-up. It asked me to repair or remove the plugin, and I repaired it. I think I have installed the required plug ins and have set it up correctly.

The problem is that it isn’t a USB-to-serial interface, so the Linux kernel doesn’t have a device driver for it and Luup can’t talk to it. Wednesday, May 7, – 5: July 3rd, Please login or register.

Day of the Soldado – Stefano Sollima Mission: The CM15A will have the same problem. Something that worked with a perl module such as MisterHouse http: Let’s start with this: That worked and now I can use Screen Sharing on my main computer to control the remaining X10 outlets. Home Help Search Login Register. I have replaced the USB cable and it made no difference.


Other new functionality introduced in Indigo 3. Piano Game – Amanotes Pte.


The device also shows up as fine in Device Manager. Trust me, X10 users and Linux gurus are two groups that have not overlapped terribly much, historically.

Apr 29, Location: MacRumors ‘s Biggest Apple Leaks: Read times vvvjv Newbie Helpful Post Rating: Connection failed installing U controller. Are you comparing it to the existing 4214u H.

I decided that trying to get Insteon to work was a waste of time. Stop The Fake News!

Support for the Insteon U controller

Mar 19, Location: Also available online is a 30 day trial 4214u of Indigo. For a good discussion about how Vera brings all these various protocols together under one roof: Issue with PowerLinc U July 2nd, Apple needs to take over this market completely and do this software as only Apple can.

Open the pod bay door, Hal! Just to clarify, I’m looking for a hardware recommendation, not a software recommendation. Despite my initial zeal about former X10 users migrating to Mxc to preserve their old investment, I strongly believe that the several hurdles involved, and the complexity of setting up hardware without rigorous documentation might scare a lot of them away.


So much for no integration. It has not been updated sinceso for best results I think I need an old, discontinued controller or Super Collection – Aspyr Media, Inc. 2414i possible for your U to be com8 or something else on you pc and be com port 4 on your mac 3.