I have swapped an 8 port card for a 12 port card edit thinking about it was a not a and the other card has detected the array so I would have every expectation that it would work based on my experience. Do you see the 3ware driver running properly in Linux? Is that how a different controller can import the array? The OS eventually boots, but alas, without the card. You can do it via a command line tool or the 3dm2 GUI. Re-seat the care – remove, and reinsert – and it magically comes back to life.

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That’s not a bios option i’m familiar with. They are still working most of them made around perhaps?

These are the kernel errors we see: What is the utility that you add to monitor the hardware controlled array? Is the information about the array written to the drives?

Information on the two connected drives follows.

We’re still not sure if we fixed it because the Fedora kernel did some magic handshake to recover the card, or if we happened to leave it unpowered long enough for something to reset. Thank 99650se PS – My hardware is: The time now is LinuxRaidForAdmins last modified Big thanks to everyone for listening.

Last Drivers  LACIE 160GB DRIVER

LapTop 6, 15 Any help would be greatly appreciated. Has anybody performed a card swap before?

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Anyway, now that my data was pulled. I do not see anything in the log that looks like the drives are discovered.

But that fixed it. Email Required, but never shown. Sign up using Email and Password.

Figured I’d post an update for all future googlers. You should be good, i haven’t done it with that particular card, but with many other Hardware raid cards. Thanks, that’s encouraging to hear. It started with a hang on the backup box with 5 x 1.

Join Date Aug Beans Hidden! You can check the status and other things using the sas2ircu utiliity. The 3ware card for some reason doesn’t display a message when the 3ware bios is loading to press ALT-3 to enter the 3ware bios to configure the attached drives Perhaps I should share this with 3Ware.

Eventually it was able to actually bring it up and then the next reboot the raid bios started working again and it booted cleanly.


The controller was unstable, when heavily loaded just untaring a large tgz fileand would crash within a day of burn-in testing.

Linux and Hardware RAID: an administrator’s summary

IS been a long time, but I recently change my old dead SE-8i death caused: Microcontroller not ready during reset sequence. Supported Supported by Linux kernel? October 10th, 8. I usually plug them into the PCI-e slot that is used for a video card, and they just work.

Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated! I’ve got a stable of 3Ware SE cards and swapping is easy. Now, when we turn the machine on, the bios option rom that normally kicks in before the bootloader doesn’t show up, none of the drives start, and when the OS tries to access the device, it just times out.