To get a license key you must register. VTune Amplifier automatically enables the driver-less collection if the Intel event-based sampling driver cannot be installed during product installation. If you bought an Enterprise license, a license key will be sent to you upon signing of the Magnolia Network Agreement. With a new configuration option , you can choose to narrow down the scope and collect sub-metrics only for the selected top-level metrics. New, easier tuning workflow and simplified setup New Platform Profiler. Install Run the installer JAR file you downloaded:

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Enhanced navigation in the clickable Summary pane Hyperlinks open the Bottom-up view sorted by the selected metric or directly to the selected function or OpenMP region.

ZyXel PS EE usb modem driver

Support for new operating systems: I’m looking for ways to optimize the reading and writing of this 4MB data buffer. Custom Groupings Many new ways to group and order the performance data, including custom groupings in grid views and new groupings in the timeline pane.

Stitch stack option enabled default behavior from Update 7 onwards:. Or do they see people playing “my distro’s better than yours” games that rival the recent political “debates” and make everyone look like control freaks?

10秒完成pip在线安装(Linux、Windows通用) – 耕耘实录 – CSDN博客

Command line reports now provide General Exploration metrics summary for hardware event-based sampling analysis results providing a high-level overview of performance problems. For the ispell option, the file is written to disk, linuxx ispell run on the file, and the file read back in once ispell has completed making changes to the file.


Found at a flea market, but probably originally included as a cover disc inside an issue of PC Magazine. Log in to linjx instance.

SummaryBottom-upand Source. High Spin time values signal a parallel region imbalance. One of the most historically important artifacts to come from the home computer telecommunications revolution was shareware CDs, compact discs put out by companies containing hundreds of megabytes of shareware.

Please note that the same lexical loop constructs with different schedule types or chunk sizes will be displayed separately linuux different rows.

Save your source files in the cache. Previous releases of the VTune Amplifier XE refused to perform hardware-based collection if the the N on M askable I nterrupt NMI watchdog timer was enabled because it would cause incorrect results, so the user had to manually disable it. So I really didn’t want to compile a new kernel and have to reboot. For a detailed description and result interpretation instructions please refer to the MPI Analysis product help topic. I’d rather see Tux as the defender of freedom than the whisperer among spooks.

The GPU Analysis Summary provides a set of metrics to estimate the GPU utilization per engine, identify stalled or idle execution units, and explore the most typical problems with low occupancy or frequent sampler accesses.

CD-ROM Software Collection

End users should not 63s0 this account. A paragraph may be formatted two ways: As prerequisites you need to install collectors on the remote target and enable pasword-less SSH access to the target.


I compile the usbcore module[1], and then try eee use gphoto2. The Target tab of the Project Properties has been enhanced to specify a path to the VTune Amplifier installed on the remote machine and kinux path to a remote temporary directory used for storing performance results. The notes are categorized by major version, from newest to oldest, with individual releases listed within each version section. Paragraph Formatting Paragraphs are defined for ee by a block of text bounded by: CPU specific analysis types, when available, are expanded automatically according to the detected system type for older processor families see note below.

I’m not sure I understand the answer.

There is no support contract available. VTune Amplifier identifies the following computing task purposes: Now you need the license key that was sent to your email address. Before analysis make ew you have administrative privileges to run the data collection. Call stack collection is also now supported for Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors. VTune Amplifier provides the ability to correlate interval or discrete data, provided by an external collector, with the regular data collected by the profiler.