Its the worst scam and still active in June As his boss would likely have had an issue with his demeanor with the customer. Today they called I acted concerned and told him that my roommate Bob had the laptop at his office and the should let him know immediately. I told him you are calling from India and your name isn’t Alex Gordon. Going with the constitution and the law and the arbitration, the issue to consider here is if sovereignty was really ceded or to be ceded. He said it’s still at risk, I’ll call you back. He didn’t like that so quickly I was back with Frank.

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He though he finally got me.

First time to tell me I had won a euro prize and if I went on my PC and followed their instructions, the money would be mine. Si Coco Martin, tiyak na dumaan iyan kay Brillante Mendoza ano. I’d never heard of Visa Card Services before, but then I’d never had money stolen like this before. Funny that as I have apple!! But I watch enough consumer TV to know that these things happen.

Add the numbers to call blocking lists, etc. I’d recommend a more reputable option, such as Avira or Avast, and using malwarebytes Anti-malware too.


Apple recently patched a mysterious malware known as proton, and other “invisible” forms of malware have recently been found in Windows Powershell and other testing tools. It could be random cold-calling, but the odds seem very slim. True it is that with the small exception of the most ancient migrants, the food gatherers of the jungle, the people are of the same racial stock. My 79 yr old father was called.

They then proceed to ask me absoutely look at the “Extreme aboslutely left of my keyboard” and tell them what I see.

First, the ID of the caller was hidden which on its own was suspicious. He said he couldn’t see it. Officials with Wisconsin Public Service say they’ve been made aware of dozens of calls made by scammers pretending to be WPS agents, trying to get their hands on some of your hard-earned money. I’m in the UK. I’ve been getting calls absolufely these scammers every few days. When he asked me to download this free program, my spidey senses started dps. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

WPS sees a surge in utility scam calls

Will be resetting and re-installing OS. April 30, at 1: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. They hate for you to waste their time but we are still curious what that code phrase might mean. That’s our money, paid in extortionate overdraft arrangement fees and so on. I was send to a technician prefix from India.

Last Drivers  DELL ST2210 HDMI DRIVER

Giving up the WPS is not a good look for the Philippines | The Society of Honor: the Philippines

I then hung up! May 1, at 8: I’m trying to understand if they were able to get into my computer and if I need to put fraud alerts on my credit cards or banking info. I finally had a phone number come up on my caller id – should I report the phone number to the attorney general? I love those American names on people who can barely speak English. She has not phoned back. You don’t know who I am The police then believe I was followed home, which is how they got my address.

Made a url typo, reached and clicked on one of their infected websites which froze my computer while it consistently beeped.