Mon Jul 29, 9: I tried to tell him this, but he keeps saying no no no, theres no way that on board can be just as good. The standard was used in motherboards , modems , and sound cards. Hook something up to your PC to record. Normally, six channels are used for 5. May 14, Posts:

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Realtek AC 97 ALC Audio CODECs Driver A for Windows 7 (32/64 bits) Driver – TechSpot

Intel provides a specification for that header; the signal assignments are different for AC’97 and Intel High Definition Audio codrc. I wouldn’t trust marketers as a reliable source of technical fact. I tried to tell him this, but he keeps saying no no no, theres no way that on board can be just as good. Nov 5, Posts: And yes, with properly optimized drivers and a fast processor, even a sound card that uses HSP can outperform the Muse XL.

Mar 1, Posts: You’d be much better off judging the two audio solutions based on their practical merits – sound quality, driver quality, number of inputs and outputs, etc. AC’97 is a specification, not an implementation. Feb 11, Posts: The specification covers two types of component, and the “AC-link” digital interface between them:.


Alternatively, sample rate conversion could be performed in the DC97 controller or in the software driver. May 14, Posts: So unless your friend has a Mhz processor, hardware-based vs. Do this for a test: Oct 23, Posts: I was very impressed by the quality. Ckdec revision provides means for the audio codec to supply parametric data about its analog interface much like Intel High Definition Audio.

settle a bet: is the realtek alc650 onboard sound better than a muse xl?

The link carries a bidirectional serial data stream at a fixed bitrate This capability depends on the codec. Every frame is subdivided in 13 slots. The standard was used in motherboardsmodemsand sound cards. Mon Jul 29, Let him bask in his ignorance.

Slots 1, 2 and 12 are used for non-audio data, while slots 3—11 carry up to nine channels of raw pulse-code modulation PCM audio signals. I don’t know about the MuseXL, but the Cmedia onboard sound on my A7v sounds great to my ears they have the same chipset.


Normally, six channels are used for 5. The first slot 0 is 16 bits long and contains validity flags for the remaining slots, while the remaining bits are divided in twelve bit slots slots 1—12used as data slots. MostlyHarmless Ars Praefectus Registered: Mon Jul 29, 9: I read a thread where poptones said that most modern onboard sound solutions like cmedia, etc, are basically cards just mounted on the motherboard, and there is no performance hit.

Mar 20, Posts: In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Wikimedia Commons has codev related to AC’ Lower sample rates such as It might just be me though, the Muse sounds a lot clearer and cleaner to me. Then don’t worry about your friend.