WestGrooving , Feb 7, He’s the owner of Audio Upgrades, Professional Stereo Audio Interface for Mac. Designed in California Built in the U. Hi justin2net, Glad you’re taking a step to evaluate for yourself. I’ve seen the term needledrop since getting back into audio after a protracted absence as you know , but am not sure exactly what it means. The Legendary Audio Masterpiece 2 is a comprehensive 2-bus analog processing system conceived by Billy Stull and designed by Rupert Neve.

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Designed in California Built in the U.

So, Frank, now I have to ask a naive question No, create an account now. Subscribe for free here.

Find a Dealer with the Apogee Dealer Locator. The only real complaint is that the speaker mute and power switch are combined on one switch, leading a few engineers at my studio to switch it on to headphone and then wonder why there was no speaker output.

Apogee Mini-DAC vs. Benchmark DAC-1 USB

It’s sounding great right now and maybe I will keep it. My console also has one of the worst headphone amplifiers known to man; in fact, it’s currently broken, and I haven’t bothered to fix it.

Discussion in ‘ Audio Hardware ‘ started by justin2netFeb 7, Uzb Products for iPad, iPhone and Mac. Bill Cheney and Jim Romney are the men responsible for keeping the amazing legacy of Spectra Sonics, a legendary, if criminally unheralded, pro-audio company alive. Find an Apogee dealer.



Puma CatFeb 7, Frank, thanks for the info on the Benchmark. The Orion32 is a prime miniac. Explore Apogee products for personal recording, home studios, professional facilities and hi-fi listening.

WestGroovingFeb 7, Amps were Goldmund SS monoblocs and Ficion top of the line speakers.

Their mic preamps, summing amps, and control room High-quality lavalier microphone for iPhone Perfect speech intelligibility with the ME 2 clip-on microphone Top-quality external signal converter from Apogee Easy operation, free apps included.

Looking uzb to 10 years ago, I’d suggest that the evolution of digital devices has increased and I’d expect it to continue for a while yet.

Using the headphone amp on the Mini-DAC is a minidaf while checking mixes-great sound with a big volume control up front. What do you think separates the two?

Apogee Products- Audio Interfaces for iPad, Mac and PC

Rupert Neve Designs recently debuted the Master Buss Processor, adding to their Portico II range of processors that share the all-new, discrete, high-voltage, Class A circuitry that was developed for Allen Farmelo, who also collected opinions from several other well-known engineers, leads with his review, and F. Vinyl-AddictFeb 7, Hi justin2net, Glad you’re taking a step to evaluate for yourself. Jamie TateFeb 7, From personal recording interfaces for iPhone and iPad to multi-channel Mac based systems for studios and live venues, all Apogee products are designed by the same team in Santa Monica California and made in the U.


The power comes via an inline 12 volt converter-this device will run on any DC between six and 14 volts!

Any other opinions between the two? The key point of the session was that using Firewire was a better solution than using a CD player or a USB-based DAC like the Benchmark due to the superior, hardware-based data controllers in IEEEand the ability to pass very high-res, bit-perfect data. Apogee products for Mac and PC. This argues, for me, that I find a price point and sonic signature that’s acceptable for now as it will change quickly in the future. For the record, I’ve been intrigued with both the Apogee and the Benchmark gear but, due to my need for recording 8 channels at one time, I’ve settled for a Presonus FireStudio, which I’ve found sufficient – but likely not for the pros – for digital playback.