I think all of them are like that. Is this phone better or Sony Ericsson W I wish they would make good quality phones like the Ki and Wi.. I pray and hope that this handset won’t die on me like the previous one! How can I Unlock My phone? I just installed the driver 7. I too have a problem or two with this one.

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Is there any Camera driver available for c which can give a very fast shutter speed say of a sec.

I was also assured that should this phone break down again, just call them up and they will handle it for me. And set the network. Those were the phones that lured me to SE and I never looked back since.

qc-usb: Linux Driver for Quickcam USB cameras

When I download the photo’s, the vamdriver of photo’s comes up, however they do not stay or show the images, when I try to save them to my computer.

It has a usb card reader wich is very, very usefull. Please tell c05 what should i chose from those three drivers, or if you have another driver that is better.


I have a C and my select buton is not working. When i switch on the Wi-Fi, it is not detecting any network. I don’t use C that much now I moved on using the Aino and the picture quality both are great!

Right now I’m waiting for the manager to give me a satisfactory answer by noon tomorrow, as promised by him.

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I have done factory reset, had it to a repair guy who reinstalled all the software and replaced the ‘ribbon cable’ but the problem remains. Firstly, when I now connect the USB cable, the mode menu pops up, but then disappears and the phone does not connect in any way. Would not recommend again. Last edited by rapidroll; at Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information. I am using v905 uploader and whenever i place the camdriver0. But the video mode it safe the clip taken.

I want a driver that doesnt distorsionate at high volume, and “tinny” increase volume from thr internal speaker. I cant go to manual focus or any of the features that cybershot xperience offers. SE phones really quite chui nowadays. Last edited by Silverboi; at All the drivers are very good and are efficient in giving good colors. Help us help you!


Or use phone update softweare via PC. I can’t do the connection as a media player, presenter or desktop. I’m using the standard camera driver. So what’s the problem? Manual Focus can work without selecting infinity focus first Deddot’s mod C Cybershot Xperience v 7. C Completely Dead Now Aug 21, so what happened was, I got my phone in the mail, I use it for a few hours with cakdriver texting and my friend calls me, and when I answer, the phone dies.

I got a problem with w after camera driver update i tried,”v3. Kudos to them for furnishing me with a new phone.

Best Camera N82, C or Satio. Now i am interested to mod camera driver. I then discover the microphone is only live when in loud speaker mode, it is not a faulty mic as I can speak using it on speakerphone and make recordings. I too have a problem or two with this one.