From here run the following commands:. But important is the luneos-root part. We learned a lot and again, gain contributors. I’m facing a weird issue now. However, when I reboot after the install I get an error. Are you a developer?

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Gerrit, Jenkins, Websites, Devices, etc. If you cannot access the downloads page or your device has not been receiving CM nightlies, sevice is why. April 23, at 8: Expect bugs, likely the same ones you experienced in kitkat. If you are using a nightly, unless you are truly certain the issue can be fixed by a non-developer, do not post any issues.

These are Rc builds, check gerrit or github if you need a changelog. SO much easier than the last time I did that. The following steps are only required with Tailor 0.

It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Not sure if you still check this, but I just updated to CM11 4.


However, in the interest of trying to gain some understanding, I have posted below the specific error message and the results from running df. Navigation Gestures Customizable gesture control for any Android device. I think I’ll check back in a year to see if anything new is out.

April 23, at I did as you instructed and that solved my tendetloin.

Touch/Devices/tenderloin – Ubuntu Wiki

CyanogenMod has been discontinued, with LineageOS taking its place. Now Select “Resize Partition” as activity this will only be available after a filesystem check and reduce the size by MiB.

Of course this depends a bit on what you use on your system. Download the kernel uImage and add it to the boot partition as uImage.


Always use the latest stable version. First cm for touchpad. It’s running CM 9 right now. CyanogenMod has been discontinued. We learned a lot and again, gain contributors.

Does anyone here run CM on the old HP Touchpad (Tenderloin) : cyanogenmod

After cleaning up the boot from unnecessary files. I think last time it took me a solid two hours lol. We have seen a lot of talent contribute to this project of ours.


April 15, at 8: Let me know if you need the link. There’s a link on this page: While AOKP was fun, OmniROM proved to be even more exciting base because it challenged us to see what we could do with a project that had different goals in mind.

Dirty Unicorns is a project that started out with no name.

[ROM][UNOFFICIAL][5.0.2][3.4 Kernel] CyanogenMod 12.0 Nightlies (tenderloin)

That is ultimately why we do what we do. LuneOS and either symlink it to uImage or use Moboot. April 22, at 9: If your device is not supported by LineageOS or you have a question specifically related to CM, this subreddit is the place to ask it.

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