When I changed jobs, two things happened: In addition, the Contour mouse was significantly more positively rated for ease of use, comfort, and design. The buttons of a Perfit Mouse are actuated with an entirely different set of muscles — the strong muscles of the knuckles. In the same light, a thumb support on the side of the mouse is designed to reduce the grip force necessary to handle the device. As the weeks went by, the pain became unbearable at times. Because the fingers are not poised in preparation to click, the ‘clicking’ fingers remain relaxed, outstretched and supported at all times. Tiny motions of the wrist are convenient for precise and effortless mouse pointing, but they are also a main ingredient in the recipe for RSI.

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In addition, the Contour mouse was significantly more positively rated for ease of use, comfort, and design. Percit your hand hurts while using a Contour mouse, check the surface you are using and the condition of the pads.

Contour Perfit Mouse – Mice & Keyboards – Shape Seating

In the time since then, a lot has changed with the Perfit Mouse and a lot has remained the same. Select image to view: To this day I have yet to see an implementation quite like it in another mouse.

No wonder my hand hurt! The 2 position side rocker switch uses very light touch internal switches and are designed not to require pinch force cotnour activate. It’s almost as if the mouse molds to the hand. By the end of the first day in my new profession, the outside of my right-hand pinkie was hurting.


My fingers were cold and stiff at the end of the day. Consequently, I was for the first time mousf to use a mouse pad with my Contour mouse. Feeling that I had no choice, I packed the Contour mouse away and tried other ergonomic pointing devices — various standard ergo mice, a Kensington Orbit trackball nice trackball, by the wayand finally an Evoluent Vertical Mouse. Contour Design Sizing Guide.

Mac Geek Gab Dontour If you like to do your mousing left-handed, you’ve probably noticed it’s a bit difficult to find a lot of left-handed mice. Contact And Other Information. Less likely to slip your hand back off the mouse by accident contoour be forced to ‘grip’ the mouse, less potential for grip force. I take a right-hand, large, which is probably the most common size; however, for people with unusually beefy or unusually tiny hands, the availability of extra-large and extra-small could be vital.

Product Information Customer Questions POSE Form 0 reviews Standard Features Sculpted, elevated buttons to reduce excessive load on fingertips Thumb support gives you added support, control and comfort Reduces risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Elevated wrist support reduces pressure on wrist, minimising lateral deviation For size, measure from crease of wrist to end of longest finger Medium: However, I have a brother who suffers from a type of RSI and has about the same size hands as mine.

They have added what has become standard on many mice today: This design principle is just good ergonomics put to effective use. Perfit Mouse Optical view from side. The odd shape is the major factor behind this.

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Contour Perfit Mouse

The black rubberized coating increases the coefficient of static friction, further reducing any grip force requirements. Studies are one thing, but real-world experience is often the mousd factor. When they heard my sad story, the wonderful folks at Contour Design happily sent me a complimentary set of replacement foot pads, which, combined with my smooth mouse board, restored the Contour mouse to its rightful place perfiy my primary pointing device.

Prior to receiving the Perfit for review, my mousing hand had been experiencing slight pains in the wrist and other areas. As can be seen from the photos, the Perfit Mouse is made of a white plastic with silver accents and colored thumb controls. As the weeks went by, the pain became unbearable at times. It is significantly wider than just about any perrfit on the market today.

Perfit Mouse Optical

Mac OS X Interface: Simply send the form back to us and we will return a quote for the correct model and specification that you require within 1 business day. We’ve been through one button, two buttons, three buttons and beyond.

To click a normal mouse, you curl the end of your finger.