Continue to order and build with the CFA as required by schedules. Drive bay kits in their current configuration will no longer be available. Transition to the CFA 1v2 hardware and supporting firmware should be a seamless process. CFA series Firmware revision 2. The CFA can continue to be used in current and future designs.

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Monday – Friday, 8: Request a Quote Get pricing and lead time info! Design changes have been made to maximize backward compatibility. Final shipments of CFA from partner factory Q2 July 1, Summary: Pricing will be reviewed on a monthly basis.

20×4 Character USB LCD Display

Need some help finding a display? Physical Characteristics Characters x Lines 20 x 4 Module Overall width height depth millimeters 37 We have a display for that!

We will not ship production orders of 1v2 hardware until the 1v1 inventory is depleted Q4 Estimated – CFA 1v1 hardware to be exhausted, transition to CFA 1v2 hardware complete.

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The changes to the CFA 1v2 hardware are as follows: The ctystalfontz should have no fit, form, or function change if the system board being used has a standard 0. Optional hard drive mounting tray SLED which allows you to mount a hardrive behind the display, saving valuable space in your enclosure and providing space for your display, System Cooling Accessory Board SCAB and a 3.

April 10, Summary: Continue to order your parts with internal USB cable as normal. March 20, Summary: You can even plot a power curve with as many points as you want.

Startingthe bracket and SLED options for our serial and USB display will be part of the ordering process for the displays. Crysta,fontz samples for qualification for the revised CFA are cfx to be available Q3 of October 6, Summary: Keypad height change Products Affected: As part of our continuous improvement, the processor and PCB layout have been changed to improve availability, manufacturability, and quality Impact: Continue to order and build with the CFA as required by schedules.


Need some help fca a display? Oh and dont steal our content bitches! This announcement impacts all variants, interfaces, and part numbers that currently use the CFA family of modules. For most applications, the CFA hardware revision 1. There are no other physical changes to the CFA Module will return “CFA Some are essential to make our site work; others help us improve the user experience.

Please contact the Crystalfontz Engineering Support Team at support crystalfontz. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

20×4 Character USB LCD Display (CFATMFKU)

The Crystalofntz family is not recommended for new designs. Search by Tech Spec Search by size, controller, interface, etc Ask our product support team We’re here to help! We’re adding new displays all the time.