Coming from a Microsoft background, you don’t think hardware compatibility problem immediately when you setup your freeBsd box, but you should, especially with a pfsense box since it doesn’t uses the last updated distro of freeBSD. Filesystem is not clean – run fsck ugen2. Hmm, Try Wallabybob’s suggestion above, run: Both those should be supported by the sk or msk drivers so perhaps your card is a different chipset. The only build of 2.

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Unfortunately many large companies often change the chipset they use in their network cards without changing the model number.

V-link this type of warning will avoid a lot of headach, and maybe having the list of compatible hard drive easy dte-530t find: I have this card too no problem please show “dmesg” command this my dmesg about this card skc0: Reply Reply as topic. The revision number is not important other than to allow us to look up compatibility. Initialized Security Association Processing.

Card might be “undetected” because a driver that recognised it encountered an error when attempting to initialise it.


There is a variety of possible causes: Well at least it showed up! I’ll check the card tomorrow to see if there is any thing on it that would note the revision. Loading More Posts 18 Posts. Card might be “undetected” because it uses a chipset not recognised by any c-link.

D-Link DGE-530T rev B2

Then when it didn’t work I start reading more about pfsense, and realize all the above explanation. First thing I’d do is check the card to see which chip it’s actually using. So it seems that D-link may if the above report is accurate have changed d-lonk a completely different chipset whilst keeping the same model number.

The only build of 2. There is no sign of your card being visible on the bus. Here are the PCI devices detected but not claimed by a driver: Reply Quote 0 1 Reply Last reply.

I think pfsense website should find a way to make it stand out on their home page. Non of this explains why it doesn’t appear as an unknown device in the boot log though.

Tue Sep 13 The card should show up there as a pci device. I expect it is either dead or not correctly seated in the slot. When somebody is considering pfsense, reev.b is important to consider the hardware. Is the card visible under say an up to date version of Linux?


CPU supports Enhanced Speedstep, but is not recognized. Filesystem is not clean – d-lnik fsck ugen2. This is not highlighted enough on their website.

Download D-Link DGET Gigabit LAN Driver for Windows 7 x64/Windows 8 x64

Yeah, Ubuntu was able to see the card. I made another thread about it. We also believe everyone should be able to afford it.

As you can see this is indeed the rev C1 hardware with the Realtek chip device ID: If you agree with the license, set legal. Root mount waiting for: Our D-linkk As host of the pfSense open source firewall project, Netgate believes in enhancing network connectivity that maintains both security and privacy.