I have a snakebyte PS3 controller, if that helps. Maybe it’s better I make an other topic in the android epsxe forum with this question If you own the hardware already, an emulator is crap. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Try doing that with original hardware. Youtube channel showing some features Requirements Minimum system requirements:

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The touchscreen skin can be edited before playing.

How to Configure Your PS3 Controller for ePSXe

Transparency on skins Select the level of transparency of the gamepad. Stick with original hardware. Players and Gamepad settings 1. If you pad is included on the previous list and you selected the profile, you haven’t to do anything here, if it is not, using the option “Gamepad Test Axis” to see the right values.

ePSXe + Sixaxis Controller on Galaxy Pad 2 – Android Apps & Games | Android Forums

Is there something else I need to do? Vibrate on touchscreen buttons Choose this option to get a vibration when you press a virtual key.

Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Eepsxe is based on a PS3 sixaxis controller i don’t think they rumbleyou might be out of luck with a ‘Knock-off’ model like your snakebite What You Need: Dbrown New Member Jun 17, Including a pretty touchscreen gamepad skin on the bottom of the screen.


In the editor screen you can modify the “digital” and the “analog” skin to match your requirements. Accelerometer You can use the accelerometer to manage the left stick, rpsxe can select X, Y or both. If you own the hardware already, an emulator is crap. Media New media New comments Search media. I hope this explains your issue. Nor do you need to dig your original hardware out of storage because you want to play that one old game again.

Cant get my PS3 controller to work with ePSXe.

Additional features Change disc for multi disc games. Gamelist The games must be provided by the users, you can dump your own games from your original CDROMs or getting them from shops such as eBay or Amazon to very low prices.

Dbrown New Member Jun 13, Depending on your device speed, you can choose full audio effects required in some games or disable some audio sixaxls to improve the emulation speed.

But when I try to select it in epsxe, I don’t see an option for that only none, moga etc. You need to use the program ScpServer to connect it wireless though. Under ‘select gamepad’ I only see virtual touchscreen gamepad, none and moga.


I can’t even get it to work with motionjoy! Choose None if you don’t want to see the gamepad on screen for example if you are using a external gamepad. Doesn’t matter which one i chose, when I start a game, my ps3 controller doesn’t work. Accurated and fast software based gpu, including x2 resolution, FXAA shader and optimized with Neon instructions. Thread starter Dbrown Start date Jun 11, It is possible to use the digital buttons, and it supports the analog sticks and shoulder triggers.

Joined Feb 25, Messages 21 Reactions 0 Points 0. You can get a more native experience using these options.

Touchscreen Controls ePSXe provides several touchscreen skins supporting “digital” and “analog” controls. If not then that is your main problem and configuring the controller with epsxe will have to wait until this issue is fixed. Can someone give me the steps on how to connect your ps3 wirelessly to epsxe? Media New media New comments Search media.