Your Smart Phone or Smart Watch: Ensure you have been provided the initial token password to enable you to complete token installation. The name is used for eRx services, and will appear as it does here on prescriptions. You must enter all characters, including the hyphens, OR leave the hyphens out completely. The system prompts you for the password set in step 6, to download the certificates.

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You can change the password for them on the first tab, or contact them and tell them they must first update their password in the My Account tool. Check Payments Mail payments to: Renewals You can renew OTP products and eTools renewals for yourself and users within your organization.

Once the Authy app is installed and registered, you can use your mobile device as your possession factor when authenticating to an Exsotar system that requires MFA.

One-Time Password (OTP) Hardware Token FAQs

Provide a password for this certificate. This passcode is only valid after you receive an FIS approval email from Exostar. The system prompts you for the password set in step 6, to download the certificates.


Access Once your credential is activated, you can start accessing partner buyer applications. You can renew OTP products and eTools renewals for yourself and users within your organization.

When you tap to review the notification, the Authy app will open on your Apple Watch. Please verify the renewal date before proceeding. If your passcode is correct, a tokwn of certificates to download displays.

EPCS: How to Enroll Prescribers and Prescribe – PCC Learn

However, learning a new tool takes time! Next, wait 30 seconds, and then push the button on your hard token again to generate another one-time password. Your Smart Phone or Smart Watch: Provides a detailed view of purchased or activated license keys. The software required for download is the following: If you are unsure of the credential requirement for the application you are accessing, please contact Exostar Customer Support. When prompted, enter the serial number found on the back of your hardware token, and give it a custom name.

If you completed the initial password tojen process for your token, plug the token into your USB drive.

Medium Certificate Download

The Exostar Billing and Support Center is used to complete a variety of tasks including paying invoices, purchasing renewals, viewing SCP transactions, managing license keys, open support cases, and more. For the eostar part of the process, you will need a PCC eRx Administrator at your practice who is not you. The passcode is a digit number separated by hyphens; for example: Insert the token into your computer and install software components.


We recommend you keep the pre-selected folder. The renewal period lasts for 12 months.

Purchase – PIM

In such cases, please proceed with a restart. If you lose your token, this phone number will be used for identification.

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Finally, the identity-proofing process involves somewhat obscure questions about your loan history, residences, and past employment. Received digit passcode from the proofer. ExoStar has a guide to video ID proofing here: You can learn about the procedures below in a video instead.