With the Colibri Evaluation board V3. The CAN bus driver for the i. The former is supported by all Colibri modules. Once the device tree is setup to use a CAN device, the modules will get loaded automatically. If not enable it and recompile the kernel.

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In the following example, X is the index of the CAN node you want to bring up or down.

Hello, sorry for the confusion about the last minute problem with the driver, it was fexcan alarm. Starting and stopping the CAN network device Similar to other network interfaces, you can start or stop a CAN network device with the ifconfig command.

Sascha hauer this core is found on some freescale socs and also some coldfire socs. Support for coldfire is missing though at the moment as they have an older revision of the core which does not have rx fifo support. If CAN is a requirement for your next project, or if you think it might be a useful feature to include, drop us a line so we can talk further about getting you up and running.

Controller Area Network (CAN)

Refer to this hardware related article. The topaz image binaries and bsps available for download on this page include our standard flexcan driver. The best new feature is support for a splash screen on boot.


Copyright Product page More documentation. Digi Embedded Yocto version 2. This not device tree enabled kernel must be nt with the following kernel configurations enabled:.

The demo source code is available here. The release also includes updates to the FlexCAN driver and serveral other features and fixes. Before you can start the CAN network device, you must configure the bitrate at which it flexxcan communicate, for example:. Hi, this patch adds support for the freescale flexcan can controller.

Mx25 soc with bitrates bet to 1mbit, remote frames and standard and extenden frames. If your products interface to other devices using RS, then getting everything talking with Opal-6 will be easy.

The syntax of the cansend command is different between the two. Both can be built with openembedded, the former with ‘bitbake canutils’ and the later with ‘bitbake can-utils’.

Controller Area Network (CAN)

On Colibri modules, CAN is not a standard pin mux and therefore not supported by our default image. The following shows the bring-up of a Colibri EvalBoard V2.

Eric evenchick is an embedded systems developer with a focus on security and automotive systems. It supports standard and extended message frames.

[Xenomai] Flexcan RT driver registration failed

Dong aisheng if wakeup is enabled, enter stop mode, else enter disabled mode. By using this configurations, the platform data for the SPI resp. The most important configuration is the bitrate. The former is supported by all Colibri modules. We have put together a short video showing the key features along with a quick look at a demo application running under Windows Embedded Compact The WEC source code is here.


Either downgrade to iproute2-ss from our V2. The managed wrappers support gpio, spi, i2c, pwm and flexcan and come with full source code. The Apalis modules have two devicd CAN controllers.

It has CAN transceivers on-board, and push-wire connectors so you can get developing fast. Change the status of the mcpcan node to okay and add a status property to the spidev1 node which flecxan disabled. The opal development kit includes two flexcan channels, and this video demonstrates basic communication using windows embedded compact 7.

We have put together a short video showing the key features along with a quick look at a demo application running under Windows Embedded Compact Flexcan linux driver for freescalle imx6dl stack overflow.