Please log in or sign up for a free trial to access this feature. Cunitz, whether it will assist the trier of fact. The post was going into the ground at an angle, so they decided to pull it out and start over. Cunitz on the information contained in his supplemental report. If you are in need of a new or used post driver or pressure digger, or service, repair, or need parts for a post driver or pressure digger, be sure to contact us! Signed at Lafayette, Louisiana, this 25th day of February

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Cunitz authored in entitled “Warnings: Whether a product is unreasonably dangerous due to an inadequate warning is a question for the trier of fact.

Francis v. GRT Utilicorp, Inc. | W.D. La. | Judgment | Law | CaseMine

The fourth and sixth opinions deal with the warnings in this case and the superior positions of knowledge held by manufacturers over end users regarding the hazard of uilicorp product which would necessitate warnings. See for example, Rec. If the adaptor cap was different and did not conform to DP’s original design, there is a factual issue for the jury concerning whether the adaptor cap on the post driver at the time of the accident was a reasonably anticipated alteration or modification of the machine.

Upload brief to use the new AI search. During the extensive repair process, GRT reverse engineered and manufactured two parts for the machine: Cunitz issued six opinions in his initial report. D in Mechanical Engineering and is currently serving as a professor at Georgia Tech in that field.


GRT Utilicorp, Inc.

My opinions are provided with a reasonable degree of certainty within my field of Human Factors Psychology. Come out and see us! Therefore, the motion as it applies to Dr.

Cunitz will not be permitted to testify at the trial of this matter as to some utilciorp his opinions as set forth herein.

He also opined that the machine’s warning to stay at least ten feet away was confusing and meaningless, and therefore inadequate, because it is necessary for a worker to be near the machine at certain points in the post driving process.

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DP’s expert concluded that if GRT reverse engineered an adaptor cap that was consistent with DP’s design, as GRT contends, then that adaptor cap was not on the post driver when it was inspected after the accident occurred. GRT Utilicorp is on display in booth To accomplish this task, Highway Technologies vrt a truck-mounted post driver to set and remove the vertical I-beams to which the horizontal guardrails are then mounted.

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D in Experimental and Human Factors Psychology. An “adaptor cap” or “anvil adaptor” fits onto the top of the I-beam. When a post is driven, a 1, lb. It is undisputed that GRT performed extensive repairs to the post driver before the accident including the fabrication of two component parts, one of which was the adaptor cap that was reverse engineered from the DP design.

Supreme Court of Louisiana. Singhose will be denied. My opinions are based on my experience, education, and training. Cunitz can demonstarte to this Court how the methodology applies, he will not be permitted to testify to this opinion.


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Log In India UK. He did not conduct that analysis since he felt he had found an acceptable solution and he did not feel this type of catastrophic event could be adequately warned against given the design of the post driver based on the engineering literature. What he did not clearly say, either in his report or his deposition, is how any of the authorities cited in his report, as well as some he “had in his mind” that were not in his report, supported his conclusions. However, this Court recognizes that it is conceivable that the methodology is contained jtilicorp the report and yet is not apparent.

Work Zone was succeeded by United Rentals.

Please log in or sign up for a free trial to access this feature. Those principles were also “generally used” to prepare a peer-reviewed paper Dr.

My opinions were formed after applying the methodologies and criteria previously described. With regard to any potential expert witness, “[b]efore certifying an expert and admitting his testimony, a district court must ensure that the requirements of Federal Rule of Evidence have been met. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!