Some of them tend to have problems when it comes to scrolling best noticable with horizontal scrolling. You need TSRs to get that support. I would be looking for an AGP card. It universally has good support for DOS, Win31 and Win9x, so it makes a great “legacy” gaming machine card. Until now, I didn’t have any graphics issues with 2D games using this card.

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Compatibilty and drivers for Windows 3.

Hercules Dynamite/Video Card

What happens on Episode IV and above that makes the game unplayable, by the way? I’m selling some stuff!

I am almost herculess, that the G series will show same results. I mean, does the resolution mode change in such way that makes the game unplayable?

File:Hercules Dynamite 128-Video.png

Here in germany, they are quite common. Last edited by Locutus on BIOS upgrades will not help, as this is an hardware issue. Some of them tend to have problems when it comes videp scrolling best noticable with horizontal scrolling. Does anyone else have any experience using the Matrox boards in old DOS games?


It really was the worst 2D quality not speed, that was great that I had ever seen. I suppose I could live without Windows 3. I never got that game working correct with a Matrox card. You won’t like x at 60 Hz, it’s just not healthy.

Hercules index of parts for sale. Page 1.

Voodoo2s aren’t mhz stock Geforce isn’t released as a beta on New Years ’99 under the Quadro brand DOS gaming isn’t a bilinear x The Matrox cards including Mystique, G etc. Commander Keen Strip Poker 3 Artworx. You need TSRs to get that support.

And thanks to the wonder of eBay, I believe any card made is in my grasp – either now or eventually. It would be my preferred board of choice because it has excellent 2D quality and drivers for Windows 3.

Matrox has it all, but for a legacy gaming machine, I can’t let my prejudices take over.

I do want an AGP card. I have traveled across the universe and through the years to find Her.

VESA support is good, but missing the 15bpp modes which shouldn’t be a big problem, as rarely any games use these modes or support 16bpp as alternative. They’re also quite good with DOS games. A “driverless” card would be best. I only lose Windows 3. With Jazz Jackrabbit, horizontal scrolling is not very smooth jaggy when using a Matrox Mystique for example. I just tried a couple dynaimte DOS games of mine and the Matrox did not work.

Last Drivers  FUJIFILM J250 DRIVER

Right now I have a Matrox G I don’t really need it. Best DOS video card? I do have an old S3 Vdeo available, but I’d prefer the Matrox over that.

Something that has VBE 2.

Hercules Dynamite /Video graphics card – ET – 4 MB Overview – CNET

I did have a Banshee back then too. Dynamitw that is not enough for you, you can always combine it with a 3Dfx add-on card e. However, few of these cards have VESA 2.