Build quality is average, with the plastic housing showing a prominent center seam and eliciting a few creaks when torqued and squeezed. The only Point 2 View settings you can change while using a third party software is the AutoFocus setting Single or Continuous using the AF button located on the camera’s head. By tiny we mean about 1. This is a decent but not foolproof manner to ask a user to hold the camera, as a rapid press of the shutter button has the likely effect of shaking the camera during exposure. At the front of the camera, one finds the lens and two little LEDs — red and green. At the far end is a switch which allows the user to select between single shot AF or continuous AF. Please adjust the Mirror or Horizontal Flip settings in the third-party application you are using.

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Yes, Point 2 View works with both Windows and Macintosh. Please remember to select one with thickness equal or greater than the original P2V cord and no longer than 1 meter in length. Using the P2V app, one can capture still images at any of the supported resolutions, with the various other settings as mentioned.

Higher resolutions use more CPU power, and older computers may struggle to keep up with multiple applications. Still, the perfect location for the camera would be right in the middle of the screen, or at least right between the eyes of the opposite party.

Those looking to capture video or create wacky effects can use Photo Booth on a Mac and substitute the P2V cam in place of the built-in iSight. And now the stand. This is a decent but not foolproof manner to ask a user to hold the camera, as a rapid press of the shutter button has the likely effect of shaking the camera during exposure.

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Being detached from the screen is a real benefit for getting the camera eye-level for more realistic and flattering camera angles.

IPEVO | Design for Learning

The USB document camera makes a webcam desirable again. The camera itself is a barrel-shaped implement about 3. Softwarf you are tethered by the USB cable, you are very limited in what you can photograph or where you photograph. Ipeo the far end is a switch which allows the user to select between single shot AF or continuous AF.

Clearly, the P2V camera has the potential to make a great videoconferencing camera, and it does support standard USB video drivers on Windows and Mac, for seamless integration with popular IM applications such as Skype.

UVC is a USB device class that describes devices capable of streaming video like webcams, digital camcorders, transcoders, analog video converters, television tuners, and still-image cameras. However, this does not hold the P2V back at all in its intended uses.

Captured images can be viewed from within the P2V app, or from any other image editor pointed to the path where the images are stored. Currently, iMovie doesn’t support external USB devices in direct-capture mode.

This is a somewhat awkward balancing act, as the P2V really pushes up close to the price range where HD flash-based handheld video cameras sit, albeit for a totally different crowd. The chromed lens ring encircles a matte black lens surround, with an absolutely tiny lens in the center.

White in color, it contrasts nicely with a typical computer setup, and surprises with its hefty weighted circular foot stand and usefulness. System information can be acquired using sogtware methods below:. By tiny we mean about 1.

It is a supremely well-bit piece, with 2 hinges that allow the user to set any range of camera heights from about one inch off the desk to about a foot high. Since the software defaults to low levels of sharpening, this is how we tested the camera.

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IPEVO – Design for Learning.

Not a big ipevl, but this could create an undesired tangle of cables on your desk. Included in the box is a little spring loaded clip mechanism that smartly allows the camera to clip to the top of most flat panel monitors, or even laptop screen bezels. Point 2 View will automatically adjust the focus.

One to three seconds later, focus lock is achieved and you can press the shutter button. If you want to bring Point 2 View into focus manually, please press the Focus button.

IPEVO P2V Camera Review

If the limitations of built-in cameras bother you, then the P2V is worth a look. However, IPEVO believes there still exists a good portion of users who need something a little more flexible, and higher quality. Picture quality was very good and certainly much better than built-in, fixed focus cameras that ship with most laptops. Point 2 View outputs video images up to resolution of xwhich meets the technical specifications supported by major video-calling software such as Skype.

You might try software solutions from third parties. For the power-user, none of these features might be desirable in a web conferencing USB camera, because they would already be handled in other ways, however the lack of a built-in microphone means one has to find another option, provided the microphone that ships built-in to many laptops is rather poor at noise cancellation.