Multiple types of trace can be started by adding these values together. This property is not supported until JTOpen 9. Specifies whether the driver should request extended metadata from the system. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Print and message resources are also available. Specifies the date separator used in date literals within SQL statements.

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These properties determine which JDBC driver is used, and specify options related to level of database access, bidirectional string type, data truncation and so on.

Toolbox for Java and JTOpen

IBM i has a print spooling system that manages jt4000 output of various programs. This optimization improves performance but may fail if a database monitor is active when a query is run more than once. Setting the property to “false”, would store the Boolean object in the character field as either “1” or “0”. Valid values are -1 to megabytes.

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Specifies the password for connecting to the system. This property has no effect unless the “extended dynamic” property is set to “true”. The conversion classes provide conversion between IBM i and Java data formats. The behavior depends on the resultSetType: Multiple types of trace can be started by adding these values together. Sign up using Email and Password. I tried adding the xz you suggested, but it still doesn’t work same error.



For example, “6” starts the database monitor and starts debug. This content has been marked as final.

Specifies the user name for connecting to the system. Specifies the database to use for a connection to an independent auxiliary storage pool ASP. For example, when this property is off falseResultSetMetaData.

Bound data source [java: All resources acquired during the unit of work are held, but locks on specific rows and objects implicitly acquired during the unit of work are released. This property is used only if the values of properties enableSeamlessFailover and enableClientAffinitiesList are 1. This can be useful to it400 the performance of complex join conditions.

Smaller LOB thresholds may increase frequency of communication to the system, but will only download LOB data as it is needed. When the job description does not specify an initial ASP group, the system default database xxa used.

If this is not set, then the hostname and port are retrieved from the com. Specifies the buffer size used to receive data through the socket connection between the front-end driver and the IBM i system.


Could not find accessor on XADataSo. Subscribe me to comment notifications. Use a backslash as an escape character before backslashes and semicolons in the URL. A SystemValueGroup is a factory for generating and maintaining unique collection of system values. If this property is set to “true”, cursors are not closed when a transaction is committed.

BigDecimal object is used for packed and zoned decimal conversions. Specifies whether to use extended dynamic support.

Each of these host servers runs in a separate job on the system, communicating with a Java client program using architected data streams on a socket connection. A data queue object is used to send data from one program to another. See BidiStringType for more information. When this property is “default”, then the behavior specified by the “data truncation” property is used.