My Laser Pro rep has come by several times, to change out the firmware, and try other fixes, and says that the next step is to replace the main board. The only way I would upgrade is if I could buy the 50 watt surplus or on eBay and do the retrofit myself. Chris, contact your rep and get all the facts directly. Such as if the replacement laser has a keyswitch. After I deleted it no more problems. In my case the resplacement of firmware on the laser and a new driver DV 3. I have found that the other manufacturers reps do like to badmouth LaserPro, but they get pretty quiet when I tell them what I paid for the power, table size and all inclusive three year warranty I got.

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In that year, I have only had two issues. Join Date Jan Posts 2. Has anyone upgraded their laser before? On a side note we are now using a MORNtech laser engraver china version which simply runs using Coreldraw with a Macro sofware patch so this is all we expkorer. My rep came out and did that and also replaced a mirror under warranty. I have had intermintant problems but I think are pinning them down to a driver issue. Try looking in the wire frame mode if you use Corel draw. We are just trying to figure out what we need to get this thing up and running.

Last Drivers  BROTHER HL1030 DRIVER

The only way I would upgrade is if I could buy the 50 watt surplus or on eBay and do the retrofit myself. Well heres an update, I finally got everything installed and functioning correctly. If it does not flash red while the machine is running, the expporer is not firing. I have had a LaserPro Explorer 35 W for almost a year now, and have had none of the issues you describe.

LaserPro Explorer II problems

Thank for the responce… I use corel draw. Since the problem was fixed with a newer version of firmware, tech support MUST have been aware of the problem in order for it to have been fixed. Check your firmware version on the laser.

Sponsored Forums Private Forums Authors. Photoshop works pretty well. If you have a Synrad tube I’d say you will probably have to stay with Synrad for the upgrade or you may find mechanical complications.

LaserPro Explorer 2 E-100 Laser Engraver

If you hit start a second time, does expplorer do the exact same random thing, or will it do different random things? If the new tube is water cooled you may be able to add fans and keep it air cooled.

I have read in many areas laseprro Laserpro’s website that their lasers are easily upgradable but can’t find any more information on doing this.

You should check the beam way from the first mirror to the last one. My company is very small one man shop really … and we decided to get a laser for our prototyping, and to increase our product line into new areas. Any test functions for this machine? I would certainly keep the old tube as a spare.


GCC Laserpro Explorer 2 30 watt Gas Laser Recharge

Laser Engraving and Cutting Machines. Results 1 to 5 of 5. Do I purchase this upgrade directly from LaserPro?

The red light on ecplorer display that says laser is illuminated during the printing process but still nothing is actually being burned. Sounds like your laser beam is out of alignment At the end of a job, the laser would advance to a random position an image one random horizontal line. If you get a real quote let us know. If you can, try the USB port. If it works ok on the other machine then the problem is with your machine. Only problem now is when I print something in xeplorer draw the machine will go through the motions and act like it is printing the job but no laser comes on and burns the artwork.

Mine also would fail to shut off on the return but I traced it down to a hidden line exllorer the drawing.