If your tablet has levels of pressure sensitivity, change that the to , although should work just fine. In this case open a terminal and try: Wacom driver Some tablets U, U, U seems to use Wacom drivers, if you experience problems with button presses Your mouse pointer freezes , but you can move the cursor try the updated packets for Wacom. Gimp then behaves as it should and the system locks up less! Eventually, I could use startx and get a desktop.

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Krita also plays up with pressure sensitivity but not in the same way, but I haven’t really tested this program all that much. In this case open a terminal and try: Make sure the aiptek module is loaded and the tablet is plugged in! If you can’t mediob it like me it compiles on fedora core and opensuse just fine with the right stuff installed then try to copy the pre-made driver out of the unified package.

I was using the tablet on a laptop so had a synaptic touch pad working at the same time.

MEDION 2 in 1 tekentablet E82008 (MD 86302)

If the mediln plays around like the “absolute” option isn’t all that “absolute” to your screen, or pressure sensitivity doesn’t work at all, try using the aiptek CVS. If, after following the instructions below, your tablet functions using only the minimal fail-safe evdev drivers or has other problems, try changing the name of the aiptek.


Ubuntu does have the module in the kernel and the X11 driver, but they don’t work very well and need to be replaced with the ones from CVS especially the xorg driver.

Follow instructions for Lucid Lynx that you find on this page, but pay attention because the location where you have to put the X server config file has changed again: After this, sketching using GIMP was quite easy, but tracing was a lot more difficult.

The main problem is setting the correct configuration. Support for the Aiptektablet has improved a lot since Ubuntu 8. When there’s no keyboard and mouse it doesn’t halt this way.

If anything goes wrong in the steps below, you could be prevented from booting into X. Basically we use an approach similar to the one used with older Ubuntu releases: Note that at the time of this writing there’s a bug that causes X te,entablet restart when you unplug your tablet: Probably using just the mouse that comes with the tablet and the pen would result in fewer problems. In use it’s tricky to maintain registration, which seems to drift.

You need a rule now which detects the tablet info and creates the right device entry.

MEDION – Driver Download

Unplugging USB tablet crashes xserver Check if it’s fixed, if not you may want to close all open applications before unplugging your tablet. Adjusting mouse speed settings helped but GIMP didn’t recognise the tablet as such, although it is usable.


Page History Login to edit. In Lucid you can write an old style ‘xorg.

But hotplug has been replaced with udev. As a final note, be aware that at present tablet’s function-keys won’t work under Lucid as X server 1.

Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander)

Gimp then behaves as it should and the system locks up less! Add udev-rule, that matches attributes which uniquely identify our device and adds a symlink: Get Information about your device by plugging it in and calling dmesg tail which should you give something like this: Tekenhablet Support Community Ubuntu.

There you must add our tablet config file e. Unfortunately not all is ironed out: Removing the entries for wacom I don’t have one so i hoped disabling the entry might help caused several errors in xorg since the server section had entries for the wacom tablet. tementablet

Then we must configure the xorg driver. If clicks and pressure are not working in Intrepid add the following lines to aforementioned aiptek. Eventually, I could use startx and get a desktop. How to do this is now step 2 in the above list.