The first one with the 3 ide. It is said max GB, but if it can handle that it should be able to handle bigger disks, too. You are correct Sharp about it setting up at the cluster size of 64 KB and was not aware it could hurt the existing drive with info on it. The book is telling me after reboot I have to format the drive which is what I do not want to do. If you don’t have the Promise floppy that came with the MB you can download here:

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Will give it a go and report back.

Thank you very much for response. Also mentioned was ensuring drivers were loaded in c drive. Yes, we know she’s hot! I am guessing I need to change some settings to hopefully get board to recognize drive but not sure which ones. Thanks again for all the help.

I did not mention that the error I get from the wifes computer is during boot up the warning is S. After picking auto setup the first option is Performance but it states I can change this but will not allow me to change to the security array for copying.

Instead of trying to get it to work sqta your PC there is another option. So no worry about re-formating the damaged drive before I get the info from it.

If you don’t do that you will not even be able to read the drive. Sorry for being so newbie on the questions. Best thing after that would be to burn the important files to optical disc s as soon as possible.

I tried to attach it to my trusty K7N2 board on my personal computer and do a check on the disk and see if I can get back any data which is very precious. Do not have the floopy that came with board although i did buy it new and szta not matter because I do not have a floopy drive attached to machine. In device manager it shows a Promise device SCSI disk device which is the drive and says working properly but does not treat it as a drive where I can access it to take a look at the files on it even though it says it is working properly.

Last Drivers  ATI 8.252 DRIVER DOWNLOAD

Mas with the drive model listed which is the bad drive I want to access, the capacity of the drive which is correct and Assignment N.

Concern is the drive may be to large but I think I had larger drives on machine in the past. The first mzi with the 3 ide.

Suspicious Activity Detected

I reckon the disk is SATA 2. You posted while I was still typing but as mentioned above it seems you need to satz the drivers if you don’t have the floppy.

The book is telling me after reboot I have to format the drive which is what I do not want to do. I know its here somewhere I think but cannot find the exact command to activate sata.

MSI K7N2 DELTA2-FSR – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – nForce2 Ultra Overview – CNET

Hard Disk discovered the disk could be bad. And what you found is the controller, which seems to work well. I just need to get it working so I can try a few programs I have to extract data off of bad hard drives. I can’t say thanks enough for all the help everyone has posted here to help me out with this issue. To run the live CD, once you boot from Ubuntu in the menu choose “try ubuntu without any changes to your pc” sentence may vary.


And making the single drive false raid 0 array would be done in zata advanced bios settings?

run sata hard drive on K7N2 Delta series

Maybe I have this all wrong but isn’t sata zata setup for adding a disk to run along and mirror another disk with the same info which improves performance and you have a back up if one or the other crashes?

Double check ‘Drive Assignment’ that it shows: Looks like you have it right, save it and you should be able to read and retrieve data from the drive after that.

I think what will happen now is install windows again and then make the bad drive a second and use some type of data recovery program to try and get the data my wife needs back.

Like always, any help or suggestions greatly appreciated. If not I would guess I enter the define array and set the 0 array up which does nothing but lets me add a new sata drive to the mix which is the damaged one and not copy any files from the existing hard drive running on the MSI onto it and then hopefully will be able to then read the data I want off of it. Ok, set it up in the array settings on boot.

Sorry if long winded but just want to make sure.