One use for this is to provide more digital output pins on a microcontroller like an Arduino – one chip provides provides 8 digital By Karl Kerridge Coronas. Five Stars They work as they should and come in their own little container. The cable arrived quickly and worked without any troubles. Write the complete original reference or part of it from the flyback, inverter o switch mode tranformer. The last order of only 2 units, both were bad.

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This is exactly what I wanted.

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Cheap and it works! No programming device needed.

After the setting change, everything is doing fine. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Save yourself a lengthy search and scary download links with virus warnings, spend another 10 bucks on the software.

Cheap USB cable faulty blsater of the package. Top rated products in Logic Products. Four Stars Somewhat of a steep learning curve to overcome, but works well for me programming eeproms for automotive tuning.

Why my Astron Logic Blaster driver doesn’t work after I install the new driver? It was pretty nice not having a bunch of bent pins to fix.


I desoldered the pre soldered wires from my clip and just used jumper wires, thinking it was the cable length. Lm regulators are noisy anyway. Also the ‘H’ means this is intended as a driver, so you can attach LEDs, with appropriate resistors, to the outputs.

Drivers >>> Astron Logic Blaster driver

What’s not to like? Great price for the kit If you’re learning electronics and want a variety of Texas Instruments logic IC’s to experiment with, this is the kit for you. I found a great tutorial astroon below on how to use them efficiently. You should uninstall original driver before install the downloaded one. Best Rated in Logic Products.

Astron Logic Blaster driver – DriverDouble

To solve this problem i recut all my breadboard wires so they lay flat on the breadboard and that solved the problem. This kit contained several of them plus a whole bunch of other components. Not at this price.

Choose the one you searched for and making double click you will access to the HR technical information. Once I find the time to actually test programming an Altera chip, report back here astrom to if either one has any issues. The device powered on and loaded firmware fine after sitting for a bit actually, based on what is following, it was probably not connecting until Loguc set it on my workbench.

Last Drivers  3093GX SCANNER DRIVER

That’s a good thing!

Great product for hobbyist but cheaper price elsewhere. Additionally I discovered that they can also be daisy chained together without using any additional outputs on the arduino board see link below.

Here’s a quick rundown of the IC’s and their functions: Usually with inexpensive ICs like these These came packaged in foam, which is great. They arrived on time and undamaged. However, at it’s price, the Elbert is almost a throwaway satron.

Astron Logic Blaster driver download list Description: Astron Logic Blaster driver is a windows driver. So I recently got a laptop that was password locked for free. Astron Logic Blaster driver setup Version: Best Rated by Department.