This way it is possible to search, display, and monitor the information of individual applications, publications, and legal status details. Has a patent been granted to the application no. L or P terms are in the same field, in any order. The EPO receives the data from the patent offices or patent organisations in electronic or paper form. From , with IPC revision 8, the classification concept was changed: After the first search it may be helpful to consult a second or third database in order to complete the search results.

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In Derwent World Patents Index a dynamic design is implemented on the invention level, i. Only IPC codes are printed on publications.

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Subdivision into search fields is applied as above. IN Barten, Axel, Dipl.

The other earlier publication levels are not considered. First standardisation assists the formulation of the search query, second sometimes the IN and PA fields do not contain data. Sinnvoll sind auch Ausfuehrungsvarianten mit der Moeglichkeit zur Auftriebsregulierung. The members of this patent family refer to the same initial patent application the priority application.

This definition determines what goes into one database document. Once a patent has been granted the new publication will be entered in a second document with its details and text the application and of the granted patent are entered in the FI field.


After completing the file extraction, if the Self-Extractor window is still open, close it.

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A census of the candidates, a study of the distribution pcr2 expressed sequence tags in organs, and a web-based database,” Plant Physiol. Wrong spelling Wrong logic links brackets!

All types of polymers, their preparation, etc. If abbreviations are used there is often a problem of the same abbreviation being used for different terms in different fields, e.

The query should be linked directly with a further query e. Range searching is also possible. More than 46, records January Updated: Searching is also possible with left-hand truncation. In some cases it may be useful to perform a multi-file search in a number of databases.

To allow a quick survey of the patent family there are non-redundant de-duplicated conesant formats. The name of the Inventor indicated on the first page of the Basic Patent is available in the Inventor field since This way it is possible to see e.

This format has the following structure: The groups a finer than those of the IPC. US May Zhang et al.


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By the enhanced title and abstract by Derwent this database is ideal for a good result of plain text searches. This way it is possible to search, display, and monitor the information of individual applications, publications, and legal status details.

By including these fields into a name search, the name search can be more comple: This may be a patent number, application number, or, in some cases, the accession number. The publications of family members of one country are called national patent families. Which European countries is the patent, EPvalid in? The system replaces spaces considered: Bibliographical details title, publication number and date, application number and date, assignee, Corporate Patent Applicant Name for Applications, inventor Data on citations in REP Related patents, including Division, Continuation, Continuation in Part, etc.

Both search fields should be linked with S proximity: Which focal points can be identified?

Where has this patent itself been cited?