Bump for a nice keyboard request. Jan 12, Posts: Maybe you should consider purchasing a pr0n explorer 3. Wed Sep 25, 3: May 19, Posts: I mean they are not the best, but they work. My era keyboard is suffering from “sticky-keys” problem

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The keys on that are very mushy. On the flipside it says: Thu Sep 26, 2: Wed Sep 25, 3: Lemme look around my house, I think I may have an extra laying around.

Jan 30, Posts: Thu Sep 26, 1: Jul 17, Posts: I mean they are not the best, but they work. Right hand side of the map.

I need some extra stuff! Originally posted by MacAddict: Won’t work- it would require the right hand Wed Sep 25, 4: Pugsley Ars Tribunus Militum Tribus: Sep 3, Posts: Would you have an older keyboard, like a Dell QuietKey?


But without the extra USB ports. May 15, Posts: So, I need a full working keyboard that doesn’t suck. Tue Sep 24, 8: Anyone have or at least know of a black keyboard that has the same feel as the Dell QuietKey? Okay, every week a new key on my keyboard stops working.

Dell Model Rt7d10 Black USB Wired Keyboard | eBay

Ewwww, I don’t want to know. My school is doing a tag sale right now they’re taking donations and they have a keyboard or two that they’ll probably only charge a dollar or two for. Jul 27, Posts: For the love of God Here locally British Columbia, Canada you also have to deal with You never know when someone on the other side of North America have brand-new good-quality keyboards or graphics cards they need to get rid of ASAP right?

Thu Sep 26, 6: Thu Sep 26, Thu Sep 26, 7: That would mean exposure to the daystar, or the outside Wed Sep 25, Keyboard on the Cheap 28 posts. Jul 12, Posts: Preferably cheap plastic aren’t all keyboards cheap plastic?