This document contains notes about getting Funtoo Linux up-and-running on the Raspberry Pi. If instead you want no VNC but all the output redirected to your terminal console then start the qemu like this: Raspberry Pi on GitHub. If there are any errors or Portage warnings here, please fix them. These can be found in firmware-nonfree repository.

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Contents 1 Installation 1. These can be found in firmware-nonfree repository.

Gentoo on Raspberry Pi – My *nix world

Download kernel sources for Raspberry Pi from GitHub [2]. Hopefully Gentoo will boot displaying a login prompt, login as root and no password.

If it’s happening that at first boot some p like netmount or those that depends on net refuse to start, maybe it’s a good idea to “emerge -qDuN world” and reboot the system. Choose the appropriate time zone. Expect to add some control tools for both.

Due to the way the Raspberry Pi bit kernel support has been added, there are going to be two different device trees with the same file name.

Not stable but very close. The Raspberry Pi 3 does not have a hardware real time clock on board. The default configuration for sshd will not allow password based root logins.


NOOBS images can be downloaded from here: We need to transfer the kernel modules too, so just copy the folder.

Raspberry Pi

The Open Source VC4 driver uses the kernels contiguous memory allocator. Just download, xzcat to a microSD card, and boot! Both commands will create a HCI device e.

The kernel on the image is 4.

If there are any errors or Portage warnings here, please fix them. The date still needs to be set beforehand to install any package, or in the compiling phase there could be warnings about clock skew.

Raspberry Pi – Gentoo Wiki

Now that we have an working disk image we should mount its partitions as local mount points where we are going to deploy Genroo files: Important The Pi checks the type of partition 1 in the partition table and will not boot if its If the above does not work, this one should.

The project’s GitHub page additionally contains instructions for setting up crossdev and distcc to build for the bit RPi3.

The Rpi3 is supported in bit mode via raspbdrry Rpi 2 process. This document contains notes about getting Funtoo Linux up-and-running on the Raspberry Pi.


If you instead prefer doing the old way i.

Gentoo on Raspberry Pi

That means that very little is marked stable. Navigation menu Personal tools English Log in. Please see references for some detail on the HDMI options for config.

Board index All times are UTC. Got so much 64bit stuff I want to try now. Important You need this to be able to log in at gentko. Apt-get install works on Debian.

I am only really worried about mouse input and will be looking into console or raw interaction with the device, if you care about X and whatnot please see the references. This approach is significantly faster than compilation on RaspberryPi in case of using modern 4 core CPUs it gives about half of ‘native’ performance and is slower but easier than using cross compiling approach.