Any actual latency data hard numbers would be greatly appreciated. Wed May 07, 1: I’m using my Axefx and line6 ux2 to record, but I don’t want to have to switch between devices in Reaper to listen on my monitors after tracking with headphones on the active device. Well, I have to set up the Spin Audio adapter to run Amplitube by itself. What about the M-Audio Firewire ? Are you able to shed some more light on minding the sync and settings? I’m using an iMic interface with OSX

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It would be great to use a laptop, but if USB stuff is not up to the task screw it.

Help! Can’t uninstall iMic ASIO driver from “”

Reaper gives you literally every option for controlling your various devices from setting these parameters from Reaper to setting them from OS control panels eg.

Thanks for the info everybody.

Yes there is a USB version. Any lower on that machine and the going got rough. It’s half rackspace so it will pair up with a 1U stereo power amp and speakers nicely.


These two axio have different sample rates and bit depths the imic is For the price it rocks. Wed May 07, 6: Don’t apologize, this is a question that contains some controversy Has anyone tried the mBox from Digidesign?

DriverGuru Senator et Subscriptor Tribus: Gonzaga man Ars Praefectus Registered: What about the M-Audio Firewire ? Not that I would be able to actually comment on recording. Even though a typical PC tech could find pretty valuable infos I notice more than one omissions or mistakes, usually for the sake of simplification, which is not bad in itself, its just good to keep in mind.

The M-Audio Audiophile is a quick fix for me.

USB 24 bit audio interfaces that don’t suck

Try controlling the aggregate device from Reaper first. Aug 31, Posts: This is the company: I will start another thread with the review soon.

M-Audio makes the Quatro which isn’t bad at all but they also make some consummer stuff which isn’t that good the Revolution for example. Fri May 09, asoi Check the box and set the project sample rate the same in Project Settings.

Using multiple audio interfaces [Archive] – Cockos Incorporated Forums

But low latency at least Would I just use a mixer and go LR out of my devices into the mixer, then main LR out of the mixer to my monitors? Buffer size was samples.

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If not, the 2nd choice would be to uncheck the boxes in Reaper preferences to allow control from other apps or control panels. Wed May 07, 4: Mon May 12, For guitar it may suck bad. Thu May 08, 5: Any actual latency data hard numbers would be greatly appreciated.

What kind of inherent latency hit does the sound card take when using USB vs. Otherwise, choose the device with the highest quality sample rate clock to use for the master.

How much for the ? Otherwise things drift, the samples don’t line up, and you hear mad clicking, popping, and distortion.