This package clearly has it, it’s strange that it’s not mentioned. Pretty much what I expected. They do get warm so this may be a good idea in the long-term. Bluetooth will almost undoubtedly be the natural successor to infrared as a means to transfer data quickly between a variety of devices cameras, PDAs, mobile phones, printers etc and the main PC. The overall voltage manipulation available is reasonably good, definitely higher than some other MSI ‘boards.

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I’ve had time to think about the merits of this motherboard and feel that it just about warrants an editor’s choice award based on the above criteria. They do get warm so this may be a good idea in the long-term.

I now value features and overall system stability as the most important defining characteristics of any motherboard. I, being the eager overclocker, wanted to know exactly how far it would go.

I don’t really mad the point of the CNR slot in today’s world, maybe something else could have been included instead?.

I’ve enjoyed the slight shift away from performance as the defining factor for motherboards. It natively supports full surround sound 5.

MSI 845E Max, Socket 478, Intel (MS-6566E-010) Motherboard

The integrated peripheral screen is rather basic. If you don’t want all the bells and whistles, MSI also offer the E Max which comes sans some of the premium features. You simply install the software that is provided on a relevant disc and plug in the key and away you mdi.


Bluetooth is basically a short-range radio-based, wireless medium for connecting various Bluetooth-powered devices to one another without the need for wires. I’ve 485e mentioned that motherboards based on one chipset, whichever one it may be, and if from a respected motherboard manufacturer, usually tend to extremely similar in performance.

The 12v P4 power connector sits just above the AGP slot. Another major drawback of this controller is the limitation of strip size to 64KB. After FSB, the performance falls off somewhat.

Support For E Max | Motherboard – The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global

BIOS is easy to 845 and intuitively easy to use. I used to think that the holy grail with respect to motherboards was ultimate performance, I feel differently now.

Performance is nothing without control and the MSI E is a paradigm of stability. Indeed, my reviewing colleague and friend, Ryszard, liked it so much that he awarded it an Editor’s choice award.


Review: MSI E MAX2-BLR Motherboard – Mainboard –

Let’s see what I thought of it on the following pages. The nature of the E chipset dictates that single-sided DIMMS have to be used in slots 2 and 3 when all 3 are populated. Test Setup Intel Pentium 4 2.


What catches my eye is the fact that ksi is the first P4 motherboard with full Bluetooth wireless connectivity support. I’ve also disabled Bluetooth on the E Max2 for benchmark purposes as it adversely effects performance.

Compatibility was good too. Anyway, onto the benchmarks.

MSI 845E Max Free Driver Download

MSI, rather proudly state on their site that this is the 1st Bluetooth P4 motherboard. I’ve enjoyed the slight shift away from performance as the defining factor for motherboards. Benchmarks were run 3 times consecutively, an average score was taken. How does it fare in PCMark ? Conclusion I’ve reviewed quite a number of mis recently. You need to set a few things up for your particular requirements but the basics are there.

Whilst not being quite as all-inclusive as the ABIT IT7, this motherboard is well specified, fully justifying its deluxe tag. Nonetheless it still it works. There are a whole host of motherboard manufacturers who are vying for your hard-earned cash.

This wouldn’t pan an objective review without some criticism.